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After purchasing over twenty long-term rental properties in Europe, we realized that the European real estate markets are, in most cases, quite mature, typically offering no more than 3-4% NET yields.

We also didn’t like that our portfolio was heavily concentrated in one type of real estate in a specific city.

We wanted better diversification and higher rental yields.

Utilizing a tool called Airdna, we put together a team to identify high rental yield Airbnb properties in various countries, ranging from the Caribbean to Latin America and Europe.

This new method, which we couldn’t use before, has been a great discovery. We have found multiple 7% – 14% cap rate Airbnb businesses for sale, with prices ranging from $300,000 to $1.5 million.

Since then, we’ve successfully invested in some interesting real estate markets, including Mexico, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, the Bahamas, and Latvia.

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